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This is a retail website. You may buy one or hundreds of any of the stock designs or have your own design created just my sending an e-mail to info@rainbowmetals.com with your info or design idea. You can also buy wholesale belt buckles, wholesale memorial and bronze plaques to sell online or in your store. Silver belt buckles are a color of bronze. 
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Rainbow Metals Inc., located in Monroe, WA. is a manufacturer and an industry leader in sand casting bronze and aluminum for art and incentive items. These items include custom and stock designs. There are Celtic designs, Fire Department, NW Indian, SW Indian, Animal and Specialty Interest, as well as Alaskan and Pacific Islander design in belt buckles, bronze pendants, bolo ties, key fob or tags, and money clips. The buckles come in four belt sizes of 1 3/4", 1 1/2", 1 1/4" and 1". The design size is also unique to each belt size. There are handmade belt buckles, bronze plaques, dedication plaques, memorial plaques, bench plaques,  aluminum plaques,  cast bronze plaques, cast aluminum plaques, blank belt buckles as well as medallions that can be used as awards or paper weights. We do our casting in two colors of bronze for all items, a normal gold bronze and a silver colored bronze.