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These designs below are shown in our gold bronze metal
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These are available retail or wholesale.
     For many thousands of years the native people of the Pacific Northwest Coast tribes of Northern British Columbia and Southeastern Alaska have created beautiful objects in their unique and celebrated style. Now Rainbow Metals has recreated this compelling art form into quality, hand-crafted sand castings. Available as belt buckles, medallions, ear rings, bolas, key tags and money clips as well as paper weights. Each with a descriptive tag listing the name of the figure and its tribal significance.
    These castings of solid bronze designs by Barry Herem and Peter Hilgeford are the results of years of research and associations with the Northwest Coast Natives and are the expression of a thorough appreciation of the authentic old styles.
The Designs below are in Gold Bronze with Satin finished  buckles, key tags, money clips, bolo ties, key chain tags
Haida Bear Kwakiutl Seahawk Tlingit Hawk Tlingit Killer Whale
101-Haida Bear 102-Kwakiutl Seahawk 103-Tlingit Hawk 104-Tlingit Killer Whale
Spawning Salmon Tlingit Man Kwakiutl Eagle Kwakiutl Raven
105-Spawning Salmon 106-Tlingit Man 107-Kwakiutl Eagle 108-Kwakiutl Raven
Tlingit Shark Tlingit Salmon Hiada Beaver Tlingit Ovid
109-Tlingit Shark 110-Tlingit Salmon 111-Haida Beaver 112-Tlingit Ovoid
Tasim Siam Shark II Kwakiutl Supernatural Bird Tlingit Wolf Tlingit Frog
113-Tasim Siam Shark II 114-Kwakiutl Supernatural Bird 115-Tlingit Wolf 116-Tlingit Frog
Salmon w/Trout Head Tlingit Beaver Hawk w/Salmon Tlingit Hawk Rd
117-Salmon w/Trout Head 118-Tlingit Beaver 119-Hawk w/Salmon 120-Tlingit Hawk Rd
Salmon w/Trout Head Rd Ovoid w/Hand Baby Killer Whale Surfing Salmon
121-Salmon w/Trout Head Rd 122-Ovoid w/Hand 123-Baby Killer Whale 124-Surfing Salmon
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