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Custom Product information. Custom Product pricing. Fire Department designs. Stock in gold bronze Northwest Coast Indian designs
{Rainbow\\'s logo, a pouring crusable inside a rainbow DESK NAME PLATE below photo, this is the only style we have. 
    The bronze name plate is mounted to a 12" walnut triwood base with felt dots on the bottom and is a very elegant way of a desk introduction. The back ground design texture is usually leatherette, a pebble texture is pictured below.  Pricing is $176.00 for one or two with different names each, for 3 to four with different names on each the price is $174.00 each and for five or more units done at the same time the unit price drops to $171.00 each.  A name plate with out base is $161.00. Ordering bases by them selves are $26.00 each no matter how many ordered.
If you have a question just e-mail rainbowmetal@rainbowmetals.com any time.
Desk Name Plate
{Rainbow\\'s logo, a pouring crusable inside a rainbow PLAQUE pricing
and ordering